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Interserver isn’t the brand new company, as a substitute, it’s been with us for around 17 large years now! Now just ask yourself, “how can a enterprise works for 17 lengthy years in one of the aggressive markets in the international”? And the answer is: it’s survival in itself is a evidence of that.
Nope, I’m not saying go out and buy it right now. You may, or many not need it, so here’s a review for you I’m taking to write after a long and definitely good experience with them.


• Unlimited Addon Domains: – Meaning, you can add unlimited domains to your account.
• Data Transfer > Unlimited – Meaning, no matter how much traffic you get, you don’t have to worry about running out of bandwidth.
• Storage Capacity: – Oh, of course you get Unlimited space to host your files.
• Control Panel
• cPanel


Interserver not most effective gets you fine shared server, but it has a completely scalable vps too. The vps begins at $6/month while in case you want to visit a greater cloud-based totally windows vps starts at $10/month.
In case you’re into vps stuff, you should remember the fact that they can obtain awesome speed due to the fact they are using bgpv4 protocols. Not only that, additionally they have n+1 safety protocols, to make sure your server stays active , up and secure always. All of that at no additional cost.
They’ve datacenters at more than one location, so there’s no “traffic jam” over the servers that’s for certain.They’ve were given 2 datacenters in the united states itself, and four others in europe and asia.

The location of VPS in Interserver includes:

• Secaucus, NJ (eastcoast)
Test IP :
• Los Angeles, CA (westcoast)
Test IP :
• Houston, TX (midwestern) *
• London, United Kingdom *
• Paris, France *
• Hong Kong, China
For Linux VPS, Interserver supports both OpenVZ and KVM. For KVM, the price is added more $2 than OpenVZ.

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It offers an optimized plan for WordPress that offers unlimited bandwidth and space, unlimited email accounts, on click install clips as well as all day and night customer support. This goes for $8 per month. Well, considering this and the features offered for WordPress, is it a good deal? In terms of the pricing, which sometimes comes with discounts and the customer support provided, this is definitely a good deal for WordPress.

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1. In the case of their managed WordPress web hosting, you are allowed to host only one WordPress website.
2. They provide daily backup for WordPress hosting. For small websites, a weekly backup may be sufficient. But for large websites a daily backup is a must.
3. If needed, you can easily upgrade and scale your server to a VPS or dedicated server without any downtime.
4. They provide support for using the free CloudFlare
5. Subdomains are not allowed in the WordPress hosting.
6. They provide daily virus scan on your WordPress website. This can ensure the safety of your website.


The most well-known interserver deal is its dedicated server. The servers and vps that they provide are managed, which means that they may be going to set up and manipulate server for clients. Of course, the default is also in some positive quantity, not the entirety customers want. For extra information about managed vps & server, you can read at interserver’s homepage.
Interserver offers not just virtualized dedicated servers but also managed cheap linux dedicated servers, windows dedicated servers, cpanel dedicated servers, and direct admin dedicated servers. They offer some of the cheapest dedicated solutions available. Customers can place their order based on CPU configuration and then modify memory, hard drive, bandwidth, operating system and control panel.

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Interserver is reputed to get you 99.99 server uptime. That’s pretty outstanding in comparison to other servers as they could promise a maximum of 99% uptime. Well, Interserver along with supplying you 99.99% uptime, also offers you its guarantee by using along with this assertion in their t&c settlement. That means, if they fail to get you the promised uptime, they credit your account from their aspect, so it’s clean you handiest pay what you get for.

Online Support

How is Interserver customer support? Absolutely incredible!In Less than 3 minutes The customer support team will Contacct via Chat  and they are always willing to help solve even very complex problems.
What about ticket response time? I’ve experienced responses that are immediate. Longest I’ve waited is probably over a hour and that was usually for an issue that needed to be looked into. In my book that is a great response time for tickets for a web hosting company.
Interserver offers ticket, chat, and phone support. A lot of companies only do ticket support these days. If you need help or have questions you can reach them 24/7.


Yes.. Interserver is the “best” server and it has very good service and support for this cost.
At this cost, it’s miles certainly the exceptional you can get. The uptime, limitless space & bandwidth, the no price hike element, and the rate are well worth your money.
In truth, I would happily pay couple more dollars each month to the business enterprise, because i understand it’s worth it. I suggest, which other hosting company within the global guarantees you that thier rate won’t move up the next year? The next year it would increase up 10 times, and you’re completed, you may haven’t any other option then to pay them, because moving your server is not the perfect solution after one year.


Here you can see the pricing packages and select right plans. Interserver coupon codes addictinaly reduce the cost

Hosting plans

Hosting plans


  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains
  • 99.9% up-time Guarantee
  • Register or Transfer your domain for $1.99 with the purchase of any web hosting package.
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited DataBase
  • $100 Google Adwords Credit
  • 24/7 Support
Duration Price
1 Month $5
6 Months $28.50 ($4.75/mo)
1 Year $54 (4.50/mo)
2 Year $102 ($4.25/mo)
3 Year $144 ($4.00/mo)

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